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This autumn, Apple will release the latest version of Mac OS, The update will come with a raft of changes to Mac apps, including the long-awaited demise of iTunes. Some changes are still unclear but it seems likely that audiobooks will be moved to the Books app, as they have been on iOS, and that some management of iOS apps will be handled in the Mac App Store app.

iTunes: How to Copy Playlists to iPhone, iPad, or iPod

All sync services will now be handled in the Finder: when you plug in an iPod or iPhone, simply click on the Finder icon in the dock to see a new option under Devices where all the management of a phone or iPad will now occur. Good news or bad, depending on your love for the venerable app : iTunes for Windows is going nowhere. The short answer is that iTunes has been due a rewrite for years. Splitting the app up should help it load faster, run more smoothly and be better focused on individual tasks.

Just ask if we can upgrade to Mavericks — no such luck. The problem is users who are still running working machines now see the other options — Galaxy and Surface users are not reporting such behavior by their providers, I think it is time that we revolt, and put our Apples in a Junk sale. Bye bye Apple. I have never, until last month, considered anything other than Apple. Tired of the changes, Apple. Get back to being the simple solution. Trying to sync music from my itunes account to ipod classic and spending WAYYY too mmuch time doing this.

WTH is the problem with these Apple products? I have more songs on my phone than on my computer, how is this even possible? I have like songs on my phone but only on my iTunes on my computer.

Adding Another iPod to iTunes : iTunes Media

How can I make sure both are the same at songs? Shame on Apple. They simply do not care about their customers. I love my ipod classic. It is an Apple product right Apple? How many times do you think your customers can wipe itunes and install it again to make it work as your pathetic support reccomends? I have to do it every time I want to add music to my library. Fix it jack! I have a problem because i just synced a file into my ipad air im using the latest version of itunes , but when i synced it again it said i had to authorize my computer and ive authorized and de-authorized it a couple of times already.

Ive restarted and resetted my ipad but nothing happened and ive done everything on the lsit but the same thing happened.

Connect iPod touch to your computer using USB

The new itunes upgrade downgrade sucks!!!! My ipad 2 ios8. Ios8 and iMac It happens immediately. Anyone have a problem with there sync button being greyed out.

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I cannot get my phone or my pad to sync. Even option under file is greyed out. I have to eject my device in order to prevent my computer from overheating.

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When I press sync, in the top middle of the itunes window the Synchronization wants to start and immediately stops, without any effects on my devices. Itunes seems to be the issue. Admietedly I am running still an old version 6 on my apple devices, my macbook is running on I was having major problems with syncing and I tried absolutely everything I could think of. Then I turned my iPhone off and on again, while it was plugged into the computer with iTunes open.

When the device reappeared, syncing worked! Maybe someone else out there will find this method successful. Hi, I have the latest iTunes version and having issues syncing my iPhone 4S. I have followed all the steps up to Step 3. When I attempt to sync i get the following error message:. Another solution after restoring from backups, restore as New iPhone, etc. I was using it with my Apple TV. Suddenly all videos and music files would sync to my iPhone 5S.

Voodoo, man. Turn it off while syncing to the iPhone.

How to Solve it When iPod Won't Sync Files with iTunes?

Thank you for this page and thanks, JS. Your tip about turning off home sharing just worked for me on my 5s with the newest version of iTunes! This is getting pathetic. I must of spend over 40 hrs trying to sync my music to my iPhone since os7. This stuff is just suppose to work right? I now need 16mb of ram just to run Maverick with Photoshop and Lightroom where as 8 will do with Mountain lion. Just getting too tired to solve issues. No one over 50 knows how to run these products anymore.

Remember these are tools for streamlining life, but the tools itself now needs constant managing. Thank god I chose the simplicity and ease of use of Apple! At least, I thought that was what I did. When I first bought an iPod and downloaded iTunes years ago, it just seemed to work. Now using apple products is like working with MS 15 years ago.

Keeping iTunes Synced Between Two Computers

There used to be pride and value in the seamless integration and the simplicity for the user. Now we are all accepting that we need to run through checklists like the one above to get our music and tv-shows to sync, as if we were preparing to take off in a B Turn on, plug in, plug out, watch show…. Time to ditch it, is there a way of getting another media player to work on an iPhone? Or do I have to go into the dreaded Android world?

Everything worked fine. This is absolutely ridiculous…I just want to listen to my damn music. Rant over. Someone help. Ok, for all of those that this list did not work for. With you iPod connected to your computer, click on the iPod icon in the upper left corner if iTunes. Once this is done, on the left side there is a list of tabs, Summary, Music, Movies, etc. Click on Music.

Make sure the box next to Sync Music is selected. I have no idea how, but mine randomly got unchecked. I swear I changed nothing manually. Extremely frustrating to find out the solution was this simple.

You are my new favorite person. Wish I would have read reviews before doing the checklist. I have been trying to sync my ipod for a week now, absolutely banging my head against the wall.