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The built-in ftp is read only since forever unfortunately. From Mavericks help: Servers and shared computers that you can connect to You can connect your Mac to the types of servers and other computers listed here.

Mavericks Server Part 31: FTP Server

FTP servers With read-only access, you can copy files from the server, but to copy files to the server you may need another FTP app. Thanks :. Well, it's Apple, maybe this way they don't have to work too much on this "feature". Also see osxfuse.

Three paid alternatives

Ok, MacFusionApp doesn't work with Mavericks, even the updated 2. Think different! Andrii Nemchenko 3 3 bronze badges. Matthieu Riegler Matthieu Riegler Does macOS come with the ftp command?

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I get -bash: ftp: command not found. It has been removed in the latest version My suggestions are: muCommander open source, free, cross platform Forklift Mac App store, feature rich, sometimes it discounted to bucks. Laszlo Laszlo 2 2 silver badges 11 11 bronze badges. Paul Bartlett Paul Bartlett 1. Medical School or Games Industry? Featured on Meta.

VNC Server or Enabling Screen Sharing

Custom Filters release announcement. Linked 2.

EverWeb will download as a Disk Image. A file called everweb. When you double click the. Simply drag the EverWeb application to your Applications folder replacing any version you may have in there. — The Rsync Client for Mac | Bonhard Computing

You will not lose any previous website projects by updating your version of EverWeb. To download previous versions of EverWeb that falls within your upgrade and support plan, please login to your client area. If you have a valid license for EverWeb, you should be automatically signed in after downloading the update.

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  7. Please login to your client area to check if your plan includes the latest update. EverWeb comes with 1 year of upgrades and support, but your license for your purchased version never expires.

    Mount an FTP on Mavericks

    You can renew your license from your client area. Want to be kept up to date with EverWeb? Be the first to hear about software updates, special features, and more related to EverWeb.