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He was surrounded by his family and servants who always took such good care of him, as well as many friends who he played with. A tiny girl named Name who was around the same age as himself. He would always stay with her and play games, but the things that h. The sky rumbled with a haughty authority, the sheer power of the thunder making the ground shake. The sounds rolled in with each quick flash of red hot lightning that back lit the black clouds. Two shadowy figures fled down the streets of Iwatobi, holding each others hands as they tried to keep ahead of the rain.

You eagerly nodded at the chance to get out of this terrible weather. Fat drops of rain started to drip from the clouds, soon gathering in large silver sheets water. The roads seemed longer than usual in your miserable state.

Winter's Child

You both stu. Comments 0. Join the community to add your comment. Already a deviant? Sign In. It was a nice warm day in Ponyville, the sun was shining and there where only a few clouds in the sky that the Weather Patrol where taking care of. She had a lot of friends, like the hyper Pinkie Pie.

  1. Human! Big Mac x female! Reader.
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The hard working Applejack. The sweet and shy Big Mac and Fluttershy, and many more.

Big Mac x Teen male Human Reader (CLOP)

Today was the day this mare was going to tell her very special somepony about her feelings, to day was that day! But what she seen when she went looking the red stallion broke her hear, she saw him with Che. Elusive x Alicorn! Why would she NOT come to my super-duper fun-tastic party? In reality, he was actually buying her flowers to show his affection. He doubted she would get what they were really for, as she was a bit dense. She had been in Canterlot for a year and a half to study under Prince Solaris.

What she had studied was secret. Elusive missed her dearly the who. I can't finish this You had just came back from visiting your good friend Duskshine at his library, and he had given you a years worth of reading. TILL tomorrow.

Mlp Male Fluttershy

Dusk could do that, but you defiantly could NOT. You were also having a hard time carrying those books, which made you very unstable and clumsy. Suddenly, your shoe hit a rock. You, on the other hand, had something. XD And it turns out he's really sexy in human form!

Comments Join the community to add your comment. Already a deviant? Sign In. I don't really like the pony version, I like their personalities but I just not too fond of the reader being a pony. I like human version more.

Equestria girls are still weird with their colored skin but it's much better than the pony ones. I'm literally nosebleeding right now Amanda-the-hegehog Student General Artist. XD Yea, man! The sexiness is over !!! Yea no lie there. Do u think they make human big Mac x reader lemons??